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MYHIXEL MED is a revolutionary scientific method that will help you last longer in bed.

It consists of a cognitive behavioral treatment program designed specifically for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during penetrative sexual intercourse.
It’s a pioneering program that combines game-playing and science through an online program on your phone (MYHIXEL Play MED), together with the advanced pleasure device, MYHIXEL I, which will help you control ejaculation in an enjoyable way.

MYHIXEL MED includes an appointment* with a member of our team of experts specialized in sexology and medicine, in which they will answer questions about the usage of the MYHIXEL program, and about male sexual health in general.
You can get more information about our consultation service here.

* This appointment will be a 15-minutes consultation with an expert especially endorsed by MYHIXEL.

Can’t decide between MED and TR?

We recommend TR if:

You want to enjoy sex more and more

You want to acquire new techniques to have more fun with your partner

You are looking to try new things and have fun in your sex life

You want to control and decide when to ejaculate.

How does MYHIXEL Play MED work?

This is the program that we’ll use to help you control ejaculation and last longer during sex. You will learn to control the physical and mental aspects that are involved in your climax. In fact, our studies show that, thanks to the MYHIXEL methodology, you can last three times longer before ejaculating.

We have converted this methodology - developed and scientifically tested by our team of sexologists - into online therapy exercises composed of challenges that continually adapt to your results, needs, and fully-customizable profile.

All of this is carried out in an easy, comfortable and fun environment, from the privacy of your phone or tablet. You’ll have fun improving your performance whenever and wherever you want.

We guarantee the complete privacy, confidentiality, anonymity, and security of your activities and data while using our app.

Technical data

Dimensions of MYHIXEL I

Length: 113 mm (4.45 inches)
Width: 113 mm (4.45 inches)
Height: 203 mm (8 inches)
Diameter: 91 mm (3.58 inches)
630 grams (22.22 oz) with lid
560 grams (19,875 oz) during use

Manufacturing materials

Thermoplastic Elastomer
Lithium battery (waterproof magnet)

What will you feel when using MYHIXEL I?

We have combined a sophisticated and state-of-the-art design with high-quality materials to give you a very pleasant user experience.

Soft to the touch
Attractive and realistic interior
Ultra-silent stimulating vibration
Elastic and adaptable opening
Neutral smell
Ergonomic design

MYHIXEL I is designed to develop your full potential in your sex life by using the MYHIXEL Play MED program.

The combination of both will help you reach new levels in your sex life.

MYHIXEL I, a device that will allow you to improve your sexual performance

MYHIXEL I is an innovative pleasure device designed specifically to be used with the MYHIXEL Play program in order to get the best results and develop your full sexual potential.

This product is totally unique – there is nothing like it on the market - and it boasts an international patent and CE certification seal.

It incorporates the latest medical and technological advances in order to simulate real penetration.

Therapeutic vibration system, totally unique on the market, developed to enhance ejaculatory control.

Anatomically realistic interior.

Self-heating mode that replicates body temperature.

Magnetic charging lithium battery with USB connector.

Made of high-quality, antiallergic, and non-toxic material which doesn’t contain phthalates.

Water-resistant and easy to clean.


MYHIXEL will arrive at your house in discreet and confidential packaging.

The pack includes:
MYHIXEL I device with download instructions for MYHIXEL Play (Sleeve included)
MYHIXEL I USB contact charger
MYHIXEL I instruction manual
Serial number, to activate the MYHIXEL Play program
Free first consultation bonus when activating MYHIXEL Play

You can download the full instructions here.


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