True or False? 8 Claims about Male Masturbation

Male masturbation is still the most common sexual practice among men. However, there are many questions and myths that distort the real benefits that this practice has on men. That's why MYHIXEL, in collaboration with Dr. Jesús Eugenio Rodríguez, director of the Institute of Sexology, in Murcia, Spain, has compiled some of the most common and widespread masturbation claims ever made, and will reveal whether they're true or false.

1. Masturbation has a negative influence on infertility (False)

"There is no scientific evidence that masturbation can negatively affect fertility," says Dr. Jesus E. Rodriguez, sexologist, and scientific advisor to MYHIXEL.

Much has been said and published about the supposed benefits of abstaining from this pleasurable experience when you want to increase your fertility. However, the recommendations are precisely the opposite: “Masturbation should not be abstained from, and we recommend that you do it every two or three days to renew sperm and increase the chances of having children, because the quality of the semen is optimized the more you ejaculate. It increases the movement of the sperm and decreases the fragmentation of sperm DNA (which cause breaks or lesions in the genetic material). It takes about 48 hours for the volume and quality to recover. Engaging in sexual intercourse every day doesn't give the testicles enough time to produce enough sperm for the act of fertilization”, stresses Dr. Rodríguez. 

2. Improved "sexual potency" (False)

At MYHIXEL, we start from the medical basis that "sexual potency" doesn't exist;  masturbation isn't even effective at increasing self-confidence. "What we are clear about at MYHIXEL is that it's the lack of ejaculatory control, or reaching climax earlier than desired, that not only affects self-confidence, but also self-esteem. In fact, this can even discourage people from looking for new sexual relationships.

This is why our method is based specifically on ejaculatory control", says Patricia López, CEO of MYHIXEL, which has developed a scientifically-proven method that helps men and their partners to control the duration of intercourse, and thus reach new levels in their sex lives.

3. It can benefit your skin (true)

...And not only your skin, but also your mood and appearance. The explanation is simple. When you masturbate, your body relaxes, the blood vessels dilate, the blood supply increases, and this improves the appearance of your skin and its oxygenation. Ejaculating, either individually or in company, makes your body secrete endorphins and release oxytocin, which directly causes an increase in happiness.

4. Masturbation can decrease sexual pleasure with your partner (false)

Masturbating helps you to get to know your body. When you engage in it, you get to know exactly how it makes you feel, the enjoyment you get from it, and how far you like to go. It also helps you to understand what is limiting you, and how and when you want to overcome those limits. Getting to know your body better is fundamental for your sexual relationship with your partner, or your sexual activity alone or in a group – it all needs to be free of fear and in a safe environment. If you explore and experiment in this way, then it will help you to approach your current relationship, or any future relationships, from a new perspective and a new level. A level in which control, self-knowledge, and security take first place.

5. "The more you do it, the more you want it" (true)

Dr. Rodriguez, the sexologist currently working with MYHIXEL says that “masturbation is something we should practice throughout our whole lives, regardless of whether we have a partner or not". Jesus E. Rodriguez clarifies that this doesn't mean that we have to masturbate all the time: "We need to find a happy medium, because doing it compulsively can be as problematic as not doing it all".

6. It helps you relax (true)

"The neurochemical response associated with an orgasm causes effects that are very similar to an anxiolytic and an antidepressant," adds Dr. Rodriguez. He explained that when we masturbate satisfactorily then "our brain releases neurochemical substances, such as dopamine and oxytocin, which generate feelings of relaxation and happiness, especially dopamine, which is known as the neurotransmitter of pleasure.”

7.   Reduces urinary tract infections (false)

There is currently no scientific basis for this claim. Because of that, we can't confirm  that masturbation can prevent these types of infections. However, what can help to prevent them is to make a habit of urinating within 30 minutes of ejaculating so that bacteria are less likely to colonize the urinary tract.

8.   Reduces the risk of prostate cancer (true)

This is perhaps the most important benefit of masturbation for men. According to the director of the Institute of Sexology in Murcia, Spain: "recent scientific research indicates that ejaculating between 2 and 4 times a week can be linked to a lower risk of prostate cancer".


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