Frecuently asked questions


What is “ejaculation control”?

Ejaculation control can be defined as a man’s motor ability to decide the duration of sexual intercourse, taking longer or shorter to ejaculate as he pleases. This ability can be developed or learnt and can improve sexual relationships. The goal of acquiring ejaculation control is to increase pleasure for both the man and his partner.

What is the “ejaculation reflex”?

Ejaculating is a reflex that takes place in two phases:

  • The emission: in this phase, the sperm duct, the seminal vesicle, and the prostate tighten, passing the sperm into the urethra’s base, which causes tension in the area. Sometimes, for the man, this phase can be felt as the point of no return.
  • The ejection of sperm: a muscle around the base of penis and the anus (called the perinaeum’s pubococcygeous muscle or the PC muscle) tightens and shakes violently and the sperm is ejected through the urethral meatus. Therefore, the urethral sphincter plays an essential role in the emission phase, prior to the ejection of the sperm. The Myhixel method teaches the man how to control the sphincter, and allows them acquire the ability to decide when he wants to trigger the ejaculation process.

Ejaculation control vs duration

Men usually worry about how long they take to ejaculate and believe they suffer from premature ejaculation if they do not last for as long as expected. The real issue is that they have not acquired the ability to control ejaculation. Because ejaculation control is a motor ability, it can be learned and can rectify the issue of premature ejaculation. According to studies, premature ejaculation affects 1 in every 3 men between the ages of 18 and 59. 85% of men that suffer from premature ejaculation prefer to hide their worries and avoid going to the doctor, even though 65% of them believe this would be the first step in fixing the problem.

Regardless of how long a man lasts before ejaculating, Myhixel is the only brand that offers men the ultimate solution to control their climaxing.

Are there any techniques to control ejaculation?

The Kegel exercise is very popular technique to strengthen the pelvic muscles. The objective of this exercise is to strengthen the muscles between the genitals and the anus. Contrary to what men think, strengthening the pelvic muscles does not help to control ejaculation; actually, by increasing the muscular tone in that area, the reflex in the emission phase is accelerated, therefore the latency periods are reduced.

Another popular method is the “Start & Stop” method. This is classic technique developed by Dr. Semans in 1956 and has been frequently used by psychologists and therapists ever since. The technique consists of masturbating up to the maximum level of stimulation and stopping just before ejaculating. This has been the most popular treatment for the last 50 years, but because it has not been scientifically tested, there is no empirical proof to back up the theory that this technique really helps to improve ejaculation control.

Using relaxation and breathing techniques during the sexual intercourse is another recommended techniques. However, once again, there is no scientific proof that these techniques have any direct influence in controlling ejaculation.

Finally, the Master & Johnson technique consists of the so called ‘compression exercise’. When the man is about to ejaculate, a compression of the penis by his partner is sufficient to cause some pain or discomfort and should be enough for him to go back to the state prior to ejaculation.


What is it? How does it work?

Myhixel is the first brand that takes care of men’s sexual welfare worldwide. It is a unique and integral solution that helps you gain self-confidence and improve the quality of your sexual relationships by controlling ejaculation.

Myhixel offers you much more than just sex toys; it provides revolutionary treatments developed by professional sexologists, and combines the most innovative masturbating device (Myhixel I) with fun online methods that help you control your ejaculation and make your sexual relationships last much longer.

Can we trust in the efficiency of Myhixel?

Myhixel is an innovative groundbreaking brand developed from medical advances and supported by revolutionary sexology scientific research. It is the only brand that offers an effective and natural method (scientifically tested on real men) to control ejaculation without any medication, anaesthetic creams, expensive therapies or discomforting secondary effects. It is available for all men regardless of age, sexual orientation or current ability to control ejaculation.

Has it been tested?

Yes. The Myhixel method is the result of 4 years investigation and development by Dr, Jesus E. Rodriguez from the ISM in collaboration with Miguel Henandez University. Hundreds of patients have been tested on site and several clinical tests have been published showing the positive results in ejaculation control; men were able to make their sexual relationships last up to three times longer.

What makes Myhixel different to other treatments?

Myhixel has been scientifically tested. It offers you the most innovative programme in the field of ejaculation control without using medication, losing sensitivity or any other kind of therapies. By using the Myhixel method, you will reach a higher level of controlling the moment of ejaculation in a natural way, while at the same time, increasing your confidence and self-esteem.

Do I need a medical prescription before using Myhixel?

No, you do not need a medical prescription to use the Myhixel method. For any enquiries, a team of clinical sexologists are always available on our website.

Which is the best Myhixel pack for me?

Myhixel has personalized exercise programmes to suit every man’s needs:

  • MyHixel TR: designed for any man looking to improve the quality and duration of his sexual relationships through the control of ejaculation. More info
  • MyHixel MED: designed for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during penetrative sex. More info


What is the Myhixel Play experience like?

Our main goal is that the user has fun while performing the activities. For that reason, we asked for the help of gamification experts to make the Myhixel experience both effective and entertaining. Using Myhixel Play allows users avoid the high costs of other types of therapies.

Will I enjoy or feel pleasure during the treatment?

Definitely. All of the activities are designed to improve your ejaculation control while feeling pleasure at the same time. One of the main goals of the Myhixel method is that you improve your sexual abilities while having fun and to enjoy the experience whether on your own or with your partner.

Is there any risk involved in this treatment?

No. The treatment is completely safe and harmless.


How long will it take me to complete the programme?

It depends on which programme you need and on whether you are doing it on your own or with your partner. On average, you need to practice 2 or 3 times per week. The whole treatment can last up to 10 weeks.

What device do I need to access Myhixel Play?

Both Myhixel Play MED and Myhixel Play TR are both available on the Web so you can gain access on your computer, laptop, mobile phone and tablet.

What do I do if I cannot access Myhixel Play?

You can send an email to and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Myhixel - with or without my partner?

That’s up to you. Myhixel has been designed to make the treatment a fun and pleasant experience that you can carry out on your own or with your partner. If you have a partner, we recommend that you encourage him or her to participate so you can both benefit from the treatment.

How can I measure the results and know if they are positive?

Myhixel Play, both the MED and TR versions, provide online statistics that you can check and see your progress.

How do I know if I am doing the exercises correctly?

Myhixel Play programmes have been designed by experts in gamification and usability. Before starting a new level, there are instructions and explanatory how-to videos to teach you how to carry out each task.


Why is Myhixel I so innovative?

Because it is the only device on the market that combines scientific knowledge, the latest technological advances, and a cutting edge design. It is the perfect complement for our Play MED and Play TR treatments. It is the combination of both tools that guarantees the best results.

Myhixel I has been developed with leading technology that provides the device with a pre heating and vibration system, all designed under the supervision of our team of sexologists to optimise the exercise results.

This unique device, designed by a team of sex doctors and engineers, provides the user with an experience as real as actual penetration.

The device comes with a rechargeable 20-hour lithium battery and is charged through a magnetised system.

How do I apply the lubricant lotion?

To use Myhixel I, you must apply the Myhixel LUBE inside the canal and around the hole of the device.

Is Myhixel I anti-allergic?

Myhixel I is a “class I sanitary device”, certified by the European Union. The sleeve is made from top quality Thermo Plastic Elastomer (TPE) that has passed a reproductive toxicity test. This test guarantees that no harm can be caused to the semen. In addition, to avoid allergic reactions, none of the components are made of latex.

The casing is made of top quality ABS with a soft touch finish and the central part is covered with silicone for a more pleasant feel on the skin.

How do I clean my Myhixel I device?

To learn how to clean your Myhixel I device, you can watch this explanatory video and look up the recommended cleaning products on our website.

How long does the warranty last?

The device has a two-year manufacturing defects warranty for any failure of electronic components.


How do I receive Myhixel I and how long does it take?

For national deliveries, the usual delivery time is 2 or 3 days and for international deliveries, 5 to 7 days. We offer an express delivery option for an additional cost. To protect your privacy, all packaging is discrete.

How do I return the product?

If you are not happy with some of the products, you can return them and get a refund or an exchange within 14 days, as long as they have not been used or taken out of the box. The delivery expenses are covered by the customer and will not be refunded. If the box has been opened, you can only get a refund if the Myhixel I device is faulty.

Can I buy the Myhixel device separately?

No. The Myhixel I device has been designed by experienced doctors to be the perfect complement to the Play TR and Play Med treatment. It is not sold separately since it is an essential part of Myhixel TR and Myhixel MED; without the device the method would not be effective and vice versa.