What it is and how to achieve it?

In order to properly understand what climax or ejaculatory control is, we first have to break the taboos and erroneous ideas that tell us that the male orgasm is merely physical. The fact of the matter is that the male orgasm is an experience that goes far beyond the genital area and is actually born in the mind.
Ejaculatory control is simply a sexual skill thanks to which, men, in a totally voluntary way, can decide when to ejaculate while having sex. Men can lengthen or shorten the time, and even choose not to ejaculate at all.
Acquiring this skill will make the sex experience much more pleasurable, both for men and for their partners. By increasing climax control, men can take sex to a whole new level. They’ll have a new capacity to explore and enjoy sex as they want to, thus increasing their self-esteem and self-image.

By maintaining this control, men take control over their own bodies, and over their impulses, and they will be the ones who decide how to enjoy sex and how long it will last.

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There are times when men lose their ability to ejaculate, or lose control over it. This can either be due to external factors like stress, anxiety, or overexcitement, and can lead to many a bad sexual experience. As a result of that, frustration and even depression can set in when it comes to sex, simply because the man couldn’t meet the expectations that he and his partner had.

This is why we have to be clear that the mind plays a very important role in being able to obtain optimal ejaculatory control – it’s very much the command center.

But a man’s body also has different physical mechanisms that come into play and allow the ejaculatory reflex. In simple words, for an ejaculatory reflex to occur, a combination of both physical and mental factors must be present, and the exact moment that ejaculation occurs will depend on how these factors combine, and with what intensity.

How to learn ejaculation control

If you want to learn to control your ejaculation and acquire new sexual capacities, then there’s a solution specifically created for people like you: MYHIXEL TR. It’s a fun, natural, and scientifically-proven option which will help you have total control over your sex life.

MYHIXEL TR is an intimate way of acquiring ejaculation control, which also has a specific program for men who want to last longer in bed. It is a very beneficial way to take care of your sexual health and decide exactly when you want to reach climax.

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What is the difference between ejaculatory control and premature ejaculation?
Ejaculatory control is the ability to voluntarily decide when to ejaculate. The purpose of this skill is to increase pleasure during sexual intercourse for both men and their partners. By increasing control, you can discover a whole new level of sex. Men will be able to acquire a new capacity to explore and enjoy sex as they wish, thus increasing their self-esteem and confidence.

MYHIXEL TR is designed with an innovative methodology, specially developed to help men acquire the ability to decide how, and for how long, to enjoy sexual intercourse.

Premature ejaculation – a condition that affects many men – is a lack of ejaculatory control, either always or in certain circumstances. One of the solutions to overcome this condition is, without a doubt, to use mind and body control techniques, thus learning to control ejaculation with MYHIXEL MED.