There are times when men may lose their ability to ejaculate or experience a loss of control over it. This can either be due to external factors such as stress, anxiety, or overexcitement, and can lead to negative sexual experiences. As a result, frustration and even depression can set in when a man can’t meet his own and his partner’s expectations during sex.

Premature ejaculation
is a condition in which a man experiences a lack of control over ejaculation in all or almost all sexual encounters. This can even occur from the beginning of sexual life due to different factors. According to experts, premature ejaculation affects 1 in 3 men, causing them to ejaculate in less than three minutes, either always or in certain circumstances.

While most people think that it is caused by a physical problem, recent studies indicate that it has a neuroendocrine basis that is strongly influenced by psychosocial factors. This means that psychological factors can influence ejaculatory control, and as a result, there are other ways to treat ejaculation with therapy.

What are the psychological causes that influence climax control?

You already know that stress or anxiety are external factors that can affect control in sexual relations, but there are other psychological reasons why you may develop a lack of control over occasional ejaculation or even experience premature ejaculation.
  • Bad habits: During a man’s first masturbation experiences, he may develop bad habits. This may be because he is doing it secretly in his bedroom, or because of a lack of knowledge or experience. As a result, his body gets used to climaxing too quickly.
  • Watching pornography: This cause is linked to the previous one. Young people who have their first masturbation experiences based around pornography may struggle to distinguish between reality and fantasy, leading to erroneous ideas about what sex is all about.
  • Stress and anxiety: Your body and mind are connected and if you suffer any form of psychological distress, then this can also have physical consequences in your body. Having any type of anxiety can increase the chances of premature ejaculation.
  • Overexcitement: The novelty of a new relationship or the nervousness about having sex with a specific person can also make it difficult to control ejaculation at times.
  • Lack of self-esteem: This is another factor that can affect a man’s capacity to control ejaculation. A lack of self-confidence makes it more difficult to control his body and practice sex positively.

This is why we must understand that the mind plays a very important role in achieving optimal ejaculatory control – it’s very much the command center. But a man’s body also has different physical mechanisms that come into play and enable the ejaculatory reflex. In other words, for an ejaculatory reflex to occur, a combination of both physical and mental factors must be present. This is why cognitive-behavioral therapy can be highly effective, as it fosters self-awareness and helps individuals recognize the interplay between their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, without relying on medications.

What is ejaculatory control and how can it be achieved?

In order to properly understand what climax or ejaculatory control is, we first have to break the taboos and erroneous ideas that tell us that the male orgasm is merely physical. Actually, the male orgasm is an experience that goes far beyond the genital area and is actually born in the mind.

Therefore, ejaculatory control is simply a sexual skill that allows men to decide when to ejaculate during sex voluntarily. Men can either prolong or shorten the time.

Acquiring this skill will make the sex experience much more pleasurable, both for men and for their partners. By increasing climax control, men can take sex to a whole new level. They’ll have a new capacity to explore and enjoy sex as they want to, thus increasing their self-esteem and self-image. In addition, feeling confident allows and motivates you to explore new sexual facets, such as practices that you may not have dared to experiment with before.

By maintaining this control, men take control over their own bodies and impulses, and they will be the ones who decide how to enjoy sex and how long it will last, instead of feeling dominated by their bodies.

Most treatments are based on medication – either orally or via creams and sprays. These have to be used regularly and often have side effects, often causing the person to give up on them. Additionally, the results are only short-term.

Therefore, in cases where drugs aren’t a desirable solution, the best way to overcome this is with an appropriate treatment that has no side effects and whose results are long-lasting, even permanent.

If you want to learn to control your ejaculation and acquire new sexual possibilities that this ability offers you, there’s a solution specifically created for people like you: MYHIXEL Control. It’s a fun, natural, and scientifically-proven option based on an activity-based therapy to help you know yourself better and control your body, which will help you have total control over your sex life.

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