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MYHIXEL is a pioneer in taking care of men’s sexual welfare worldwide. It has developed a revolutionary unique method focused on helping men overcome premature ejaculation and improve ejaculation control, developed by a professional sexologist, that combines the most innovative stimulator device with a gamified online program (MYHIXEL Play). This method helps you control your ejaculation and make your sexual relationships last much longer.

The user has to put their penis inside and masturbate as they would manually. The inner canal is anatomically realistic, so it really feels like the real thing. There are some activities that have to be completed with the hands free accessory and the user will need to penetrate without using their hands, instead performing pelvic floor movements.

MYHIXEL Control has no age limitations for adults (18+ and over). It helps men improve their sexual life regardless of age.

Of course. All the activities are focused on acquiring control of ejaculation while feeling pleasure. One of the objectives of the MYHIXEL method is to improve your sexual abilities in a pleasurable way, either alone or with your partner. Thanks to the interior design of the sleeve which is anatomically realistic, and simulates a real penetration.

The data you generate as you go through the activity is anonymous. So nobody knows- even us - what user each dataset corresponds to. In the case that someone has access to your smartphone, the app is locked by a secret code that you create when setting the app for the first time. It protects against the attempt of data extraction in case of potential theft or hacking attempt. Additionally your data is not shared with third parties.

Yes. Our app adapts to your specific needs given to the AI-machine learning technology included in MYHIXEL Play Control program. You just need to answer the initial questionnaire, enter your records and it will provide you with your specific exercises. While you are going through the different stages, it will adapt to your needs by adjusting Play program parameters, goals to achieve, info and tips provided, all customized to your performance.

We guarantee your protection by these two methods: - No user data is stored on the smartphone. - Your data is encrypted and safely stored in our database. Even if somebody might access it, the encryption algorithm ensures that there is no way to link any dataset to its user.

The application is free for life. No subscriptions are needed.

Of course. But to achieve the best results, we recommend using the app always accompanied by the device, to emulate a real situation while you practice and gather objective data. The device alone is not suitable for getting a better control of your ejaculation. The MYHIXEL Play CONTROL Program is based on cognitive behavioral therapy and its exercises will allow you to train and improve the control of your ejaculation. For better results, the use of the device is necessary.

Improved warming system: An extremely real and comfy warm up to body temperature. Now not only the main shaft warms up but also the base (takes 5 minutes). Improved vibration mode: Constant and gentle as always, but without wires and vibration bullets. IPX7 Waterproof: cleaning process made easier. Bluetooth connection. Movement and speed sensors: Accelerometer sensor to measure specific parameters for better tracking.

With this new version of our app, you will get a more personalized experience, with automatic data collection through bluetooth connection, which makes the information more accurate, and provides you with real time tracking of your ongoing activities and results. Besides, new speed and movement sensors on the device allow you to track and measure your actual performance, that will provide you with insights of how you are progressing, and what improvements to expect of the next steps.

We currently ship worldwide except India, Malaysia, Maldives, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, Russia, Costa Rica. We do not ship to P.O. boxes/APO/FPO.

    The MYHIXEL II device has been manufactured with high-quality materials. Its sleeve is composed of top quality ThermoPlastic Elastomer (TPE) that passed a reproductive toxicity test. In addition, it does not carry any latex components to avoid potential allergies. The casing is made of ABS with a soft touch finish and the central part is covered with silicone to guarantee a more pleasant feel on the skin.

    Once you have finished the activity, remove the sleeve. To clean it, run the sleeve under the tap. For the best results, spin it around like a sock. Wash it only with water. It is really important not to use soap or other chemicals. Once the sleeve is clean, let it dry out, and, when it's fully dry, place it back inside the case. The MYHIXEL II device has an IPX7 waterproof system, and it can be washed under the tap. Do not use soap or other chemicals, and we also have ur MYHIXEL Cleaner.