Approved by experts in sexology and urology.

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    MYHIXEL offers men an effective therapy for PE that they can do in the privacy of their home with support from the MYHIXEL team

    Foto de la Doctora Karin E. Eilber

    Dr. Karin S. Eilber


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    Two thirds of the patients who participated in our latest study have stopped suffering from premature ejaculation.

    Foto del doctor Jesús Rodríguez

    Dr. Jesús Rodríguez

    Sex Therapist

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    Projects like MYHIXEL are always welcome in the field of Sexology.

    foto del Doctor Borja Rodríguez

    Borja Rodríguez

    Sex Therapist

Approved by experts in sexology and urology.

Get coached by the App. Practice with the device.

The MYHIXEL Play program, combined with the improved MYHIXEL II device, stands at the forefront of assisting men in enhancing their climax control. Our sophisticated app, infused with Artificial Intelligence, offers a personalized journey. It educates users about the intricate connection between the mind and body, helping improve ejaculatory control and reduce sexual anxiety. It also provides weekly plans accentuating sexual health. These plans include nutrition insights focusing on ingredients that foster intimate well-being, specialized workouts to complement ejaculation control activities, mindfulness techniques for overall mental relaxation, and detailed weekly statistics for consistent monitoring.

The MYHIXEL II pleasure device has been designed with the latest technology to emulate a realistic experience. The device includes improved therapeutic vibration and warming systems developed to enhance ejaculatory control, a heating mode that replicates body temperature and an anatomical interior design that emulates real penetration, among other features.

Together, the MYHIXEL Play program and MYHIXEL II device represent a holistic and technologically-advanced solution: MYHIXEL Control.