About us

About us

MYHIXEL is a pioneering, disruptive male sexual health brand that offers tech & science-based solutions for improving men’s sex life. 

We’ve combined innovation, technology, and science to make a wide range of solutions, products and services available for men, intending to improve their sex lives holistically.

With this philosophy in mind, we offer you the ultimate solution for ejaculatory control: MYHIXEL Control, an innovative solution that allows men to enjoy sex more thanks to gaining control over ejaculation.

In addition, we want to cover any male need related to his intimate well-being, by complementing our solutions with services and products such as our accessories and our MYHIXEL Care products, a range of male hygiene and care products created exclusively to improve men's intimate well-being.

Aiming to ensure that men enjoy full sexual health, we continue to work and research for the development of other solutions that can cover any sexual concern of men, hoping that someday all the stigmas surrounding male sexuality will have disappeared.

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Patricia López is the driving force behind MYHIXEL. Born in Seville, she has extensive experience in different sectors, including tourism and the sex tech industry. In fact, after working for several years for a leading brand in the sex-tech industry, she observed a lack of options focusing on improving men's sexual well-being.

This is one of the main reasons why she used her entrepreneurial skills to start MYHIXEL


MYHIXEL team is formed by professionals from various sectors and expertise. Our team is specialized in topics concerning male sexual wellness. It can be described as communicative, dynamic and energetic, after all we work to maximize the full potential of the company. MYHIXEL’s purpose and aim is to achieve everyone’s sexual health to the next level.