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What is Premature Ejaculation exactly? Why does it happen?

People describe Premature Ejaculation as the sexual dysfunction of reaching climax sooner than someone or their partner would like. The World Health Organization (WHO) came up with a definition that has become a standard for all health experts around the world:

“It is characterized by ejaculation that occurs before, or within a very short duration after, starting vaginal penetration or other similar sexual stimulation”

Different Levels of Premature Ejaculation

Level 1: This is the mildest level of premature ejaculation. It's related to a lack of ejaculatory control and is mostly due to stress or anxiety.

Level 2:
When a man does not overcome level 1 premature ejaculation could become habitual, even chronic.

Level 3: When a man does not overcome level 2 it can start to have psychological effects. It is often misidentified as a permanent situation. Men with «primary ejaculation» usually start premature ejaculation directly at level 3.

Level 4: when a man leaves level 3 untreated premature ejaculation becomes a disorder, which can affect all personal aspects of their lives such as social relationships, work, state of mind, psychological well-being, etc.

The Causes of Premature Ejaculation

Until recently, people attributed premature ejaculation to psychological factors. However, we’ve now found biological causes may also affect a small percentage of the population, especially those who reach climax too quickly due to lifelong premature ejaculation. In this regard, it's worth mentioning that there is no exclusive factor leading to this sexual dysfunction.

1. Physical causes

Although in most situations premature ejaculation is due to factors influenced by the psychological variant, some physical causes can influence the appearance of premature ejaculation:

Hereditary factor: There are some cases in which genetics can influence this situation and it can be inherited. It is important to check if it has ever happened in the family.

Circulation: Blood circulation is vital during erection, so if there is poor circulation that alters or prevents blood flow, erection disorders can occur that influence or lead to other situations such as lack of ejaculatory control.

Hypersensitivity:  While this is relatively rare, in the penis can also cause you to climax faster. This problem is not always permanent and may be caused by several causes like urinary infections or trauma to the penis.

Drug consumption: The use of alcohol and other drugs can affect sperm quality and production, as well as cause irregularities in ejaculation.

Other biological causes: A small minority of men experience premature ejaculation due to chemical or biological factors like abnormal hormone levels, medical conditions like prostate/urethra issues, or chemical imbalances in brain centers.

2. Psychological causes

Contrary to what most people think, premature ejaculation is more related to psychological than physical factors and can be faced naturally:

Lack of sex education or inexperience: Younger men with limited intimate experience may find the situation of not knowing how to anticipate and control climax, this could cause insecurity that affects their intimate intercourse. They may not even be familiar with the sensation leading up to it. They also haven’t developed the necessary stamina in bed yet.

Self-confidence: Lack of self-esteem is also tied to anxiety – leading to the sexual dysfunction of reaching climax too quickly.

Anxiety and stress: Many men with premature ejaculation issues have also reported anxiety issues. Anxiety and stress over this can worsen the problem.

Low satisfaction: Not having healthy intimate intercourse or low satisfaction can also cause this loss of control when it comes to reaching ejaculation.

The novelty of a relationship and overexcitement: Excitement over a new relationship or a new experience can lead to you climaxing fast. This is especially prevalent if it’s been a long time since your last intimate experience. An overly excited man usually reaches the climax too fast as he finds it harder to control himself. This problem may resolve itself with time.

Preconditioning: Quick self-stimulation sessions and encounters can condition the body to reach climax more quickly. This might also happen with men with erectile dysfunction since they may want to finish before the erection goes away.

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Registered with the FDA as a medical device.

JESÚS E. RODRÍGUEZ. Chief of Research and PhD in Psychology and Sexology.


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