5 Sex Games to surprise your partner and get out of the routine

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Sex is a fundamental aspect of life as a couple, although it doesn't have the same importance for everyone. Sexual activity promotes happiness and well-being in the relationship, as it's not just about physical connection, but also about the emotional bond it creates. However, when sexuality falls into the abyss of monotony, the spark can disappear. There's nothing better than experiencing new sex games to break the routine, reignite the passion, and surprise your partner.

That's why we propose five sex games for couples to enjoy and last longer in bed.

We recommend 5 sex games and fantasies to break the routine with your partner:

  1. Blindfolded sex

Blindfold play is one of the most classic sex games for couples to break the monotony. It involves blindfolding our partner, as reducing vision enhances the activation of other senses, especially touch. In this game, stimulating the rest of the senses is crucial to enhance the feeling of pleasure and enjoy more in bed, so don't forget to unleash your imagination in the foreplay. For example, you can opt for a sensual massage with aromatic oils or lotions. 

  1. Water sex

Sexual routine tends to settle in the bedroom. So, don't hesitate to leave the room and have sex in other rooms of the house, outside the main bedroom. The bathroom is one of the most erotic places to have sex at home, so it's ideal for reigniting the passion. A shared shower where oral sex against the wall can't be missing for an exciting water-based experience.

  1. Role-play

Sex games like role-play are an excellent way to bring passion back into the relationship and last longer in bed. These role-playing games involve playing a role during sexual encounters. This is pretending to be other people with the intention of evoking fantasies. There are endless options to choose from, depending on imagination and what excites each member of the couple. The role of the plumber and the housewife, the student and the teacher, or the police officer and the prisoner are some of the most popular.

  1. Hot or cold

Foreplay is a fundamental part of having a good sex session. An initial phase where you can innovate with the hot or cold game, one of the most provocative sexual games for couples. This game involves practicing oral sex with temperature changes, drinking a hot beverage or sucking on an ice cube alternately to discover unexplored sensations.

  1. The box of erotic fantasies

Sexual fantasy is the most widespread sexual practice. In fact, nine out of ten people tend to fantasize frequently. The game of the box of erotic fantasies consists of each member of the couple, separately, writing down on small papers five erotic fantasies they would like to practice. The papers are folded and put into a box. Then, a paper is drawn, and the sexual fantasy is recreated as a couple.

To set the mood for your passionate scene and create a sensual atmosphere before starting with your fantasies and sexual practices to break the routine and surprise your partner, you may find other helpful tips here :

Andrés Suro

Author: Andrés Suro  (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Psychologist specialized in the social area and expert in sexology applied to education.