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 Oh baby, yes! Male multiorgasm is possible  but people don’t tend to talk about it. For the past few decades, woman orgasm has been a trending topic, mainly because many noticed that could have multiple orgasms in one sexual encounter.  But did you know that men or people with penis have the same physical ability to orgasm multiple times?  Keep reading to learn how to have multiple orgasms. But let’s start by explaining the physiological basis of orgasm.

The famous “O”

Orgasm occurs mainly due to physiological changes . Some signs that an orgasm is taking place include increased heart rate, pupil dilation, muscle contractions, etc. culminating in the release of tension.  This can occur either in solo encounters or with other people.


Orgasm vs. ejaculation 

In most cases, orgasm and ejaculation may occur simultaneously , but they are two separate activities that do not necessarily have to occur at the same time. We make this distinction because, on certain occasions,  male multiorgasms are associated with the absence of ejaculation . We will call this type of orgasm as non-ejaculatory orgasm or commonly known as a multiorgasm.

This remark is of utmost importance since it is almost impossible for men to have multiple orgasms if there is an ejaculatory reflex accompanied by a refractory period (it’s basically time that elapses from ejaculation to a new erection). In other words,  multiorgasm is based on reaching climax several times in a row as long as ejaculation does not occur.

The trick is to avoid the physiological change that occurs after ejaculation. By this we mean that the goal is to consciously prevent ejaculation from being discharged by delaying the refractory period (the inhibiting factor of multiple orgasms).

This method is very similar to edging. Edging consists of controlling the ejaculation by lengthening the climax period. This method is based on achieving more intense orgasms by interrupting ejaculation. If you want to know more about how to do it,  we recommend you to read our article on how to do it step by step .

What does it feel like to have a multiorgasm?

Multiorgasms are not so different from mono-orgasms  (having one orgasm instead of various during a sexual encounter). They are similar in sensation and physiological outcome but some people feel that it “lengthens” the time of tension and pleasure. Other people prefer this type of orgasm even if it is less intense since they give priority to having several small orgasms instead of one big orgasm.

Types of multiple orgasms:

  •  “Sporadic” multiorgasms , with inter-orgasmic intervals of several minutes.

  •  “Condensed” multiorgasms  are multiorgasms, with bursts of 2 to 4 orgasms in a few seconds to 2 minutes.

Get to orgasm once, and again.

Multiorgasms, whether sporadic or condensed, are achieved with the same methodology. So, without further ado, we’ll show you how to multiorgasm:

  1. This first step is very important . It is essential to consider the planning and organization . We all know practice makes perfect but it takes time. Therefore, you must find the perfect time for you and your pleasure. You need to be unworried and not to be burdened about the time and how long it lasts. Basically, it’s not a good time if you will be watching the clock.

  2. Consider  doing it in a place where you feel comfortable , where you know you won’t be interrupted by any external stimuli. Also, consider the best place to do it, whether it’s the couch, the bed or another place, should be cozy.

  3. Now proceed to self-stimulation.  Don’t be afraid to use whatever you need to feel aroused . You might consider having in hand wet wipes, lubricant, your cell phone or tablet to find erotic content, etc.

  4.  Stimulate the erogenous area continuously until you feel that you are approaching orgasm . How to recognize you are about to orgasm? You will start to feel how your body is tensing, your breath and your heartbeat will accelerate exponentially, and you may feel a “tickling” sensation in the perianal area.

  5. When you are about to ejaculate,  focus on the “here and now” . Try to change the rhythm, control your breathing, and concentrate. It is very important to focus on the present moment. This will help you to not lose sight of the “goal”. We may get carried away by the temptation and may desire to eyaculate when the first tension occurs.  Increasing your concentration will allow you to become aware of your energy or arousal without having to stop . The trick is to pay attention to your pleasure at that precise moment.

  6. When you get to set aside the urge to ejaculate or climax,  masturbate yourself until you almost reach that point of no return again . When this happens, try to relax using techniques previously described.

  7.  Repeat these steps as many times as necessary until you gain control over your body.

The key to multiple orgasms is learning to extend the period of arousal before ejaculation or reaching the point of no return.

How to control ejaculation?

Controlling the ejaculation is possible. As we have mentioned before, to achieve a multiorgasm, it is necessary to control the ejaculation, and you can achieve it with   MYHIXEL. MYHIXEL consists of a breakthrough methodology that consists of a gamified APP and a stimulation device. You will improve your ejaculatory control and learn how to enhance orgasms with the right solution, such as   MYHIXEL Control.

Other ways to achieve multiorgasm

There are several ways to achieve multiorgasm. You can try experimenting with direct penile stimulation or  you can play with the P-spot, nipples, testicles and any other erogenous zone of your preference . If you are a beginner, you may prefer to start with penile stimulation. But once you gain more control and body awareness, you may want to explore other areas of the body.

The healing powers of orgasm

What’s so great about experiencing multiple orgasms?  Experiencing orgasms has been found to help us on multiple levels, both psychologically and bodily. For example, it has been found that having orgasms will help boost immunity, improve your mood, help you fall asleep, and may help you get to know your own body better. These are just some of the benefits of autoeroticism and controlling climax.

Multiorgasms for life

If you are that type of person who likes to explore and experience new sensations, then  multiorgasms will be great to include in your new adventure. Let yourself go and allow your body to experience new sensations while enjoying the journey.

Anel Martínez

Author: Anel Martínez  (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Sexologist specializing in sex therapy and sex education, mental health and human behavior.