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Have you ever had to leave something unfinished due to unexpected interruptions? We all know that feeling of frustration. We don’t like to leave an activity unfinished. However, when we decide to interrupt an activity intentionally, we can experience an  intriguing and pleasurable sensation because we know what will be the outcome . What if I told you that there is a sexual practice that consists just in this voluntary pause? We are talking about edging. 

Edging consists in the accumulation of tension. This tension ends up with sexual enjoyment and an explosive orgasm. This technique will help us become more patient and self aware of our eroticism. Edging approach teaches us to focus on the here and now in our sexual encounters. Moreover, those who master edging are able to enjoy long, diverse and extremely pleasurable sexual encounters.

What is edging?

Edging is a sexual stimulation aimed to reach maximum arousal without ejaculation. The key to edging is to stop the masturbation just before reaching climax . When we talk about climax, we are refering to the action of eyaculating. This practice consists of stopping before reaching that well-known point of no return . The objective is, therefore, to prolong sexual pleasure for a longer period of time, which means that the experience is intensified.

The length of the pause will depend on each person. This sexual stimulation will be determined on how much time you need to feel you have regained control over the arousal. Make as many pauses as you want , the sexual encounters could last several pause/cycles. Of course, decide when to end the encounter. It ‘s up to you!

What are the benefits of edging?

This technique can be performed alone or in company , regardless of sexual orientation and identity. However it could be especially interesting for men and people with penis. The main reason people carry out this technique is to gain control over the eyaculation or want to experience new sensations. Edging will help you to identify the muscles involved in the eyaculation without going through the refractory period. This period is known as the recovery time after ejaculating , that is, the pause that the body requires to regain an erection. The refractory time increases with age, so the older we get, more recovery time is needed. This means that our ability to practice multiple ejaculatory encounters in a row will be less and less frequent.

Another benefit of edging is an intensified orgasm . Edging techniques can increase arousal and make the climax be more satisfying. In addition, this practice increases the possibility of women reaching orgasm . This is due to the diference of sexual arousal between men and women. Females or people with vulva, need more time of active stimulation to reach climax in heterosexual intercourse. Edging will help men delay the eyaculation, allowing time for the other person to reach a high level of arousal.

Many people like having the possibility to vary the intensity, speed or even position is very beneficial  to them. Interrupting stimulation is an opportunity to carry out other types of erotic stimulation, which also includes the orgasm itself. Having more time during encounters can help us divert attention away from ejaculation and enjoy other sexual dynamics that we don’t usually pay attention to stimulation of other erogenous zones, etc.

We cannot set aside one of the greatest advantages of edging: improve trust between a couple . Sexual encounters are intimate experiences and sometimes we find it difficult to express our feelingss and sensatios, so encouraging communication will help to express ourselves and share our sexual preferences. In short, to learn from the other person.

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Edging and tantric yoga

Couples who have an active sex life, will favor these types of encounters as they aknowledge that exploring is an importar part of their sexual experience. It is a fact that even multi-orgasmic people cannot stay aroused forever.

Arousal can be worked by readjusting expectations about what sex . To lower our expectations, we can ask ourselves the following questions: is it necessary to have an erection?, do I always have to eyaculate?, is the eyaculation or orgasm the reason to end the sexual encounter?

These questions are closely related to the well-known tantric yoga, which aims to climax without ejaculation . We can assosiate this type of sexual practice to edging, as they both seek sexual satisfaction without ejaculating, taking our body to new levels of arousal . Although we cannot forget this practice doesn’t serve as a contraceptive method.

Edging: how to achieve

This technique doesn’t require a strict and complex guide . It’s rather a practice that you will develop and acquire experience through personal consciousness. Edging depends on you and the knowledge you acquire about your own body. Here are some tips to keep in mind before practicing edging .


You can start by choosing when to practice . Ideally, as in most encounters, you should choose a space where you feel comfortable and calm, knowing that there will be nothing or no one that can interrupt you. Edging requires a certain amount of concentration and attention, especially at the beginning.

Body scanner

Develop the good habit of “scanning” your body . Body scanning is a technique used in certain physical activities, such as pilates, and in meditation. It consists of identifying the sensations (tension, stiffness, poor sensibility) on the different parts of your body . In short, it is about listening to your body and learning how it reacts. This will help you to understand better the phases of your sexual arousal, which will be especially useful for edging.


As we mentioned before, there are many benefits related to edging and you are probably eager to experiment already, but mastering this technique requires training and practice in many cases. Don’t worry if you lose control or don’t manage to avoid ejaculation, it’s more common than you think. Don’t get discouraged, the important thing is that you don’t give up the first time and keep trying.

If you want to do it with your partner, start first by practicing it individually , because the simulations with other people are usually more intense and more difficult to control.

The method 

Edging has several levels. At the beginning, stimulate yourself by masturbation until you feel you are about to ejaculate and STOP. This pause will be long enough for you to feel that the risk of ejaculation has disappeared, but not so long that you lose arousal and erection decreases. It may be useful for you to practice the body scan we talked about earlier. When you go through this pause, try to be conscious of the sensations of your body.

It may seem a bit forced at first, but I assure you that if you manage to master this technique, you will enjoy your encounters much more.


It may be time to start diversifying your sexual practices , both alone and in company. With edging you will not only be able to reach new levels of pleasure and satisfaction, but it will also be a fantastic tool to get to know your body better . As for the couple, this technique is especially interesting if you want to take your sexual tension to the maximum and reach explosive endings. In short, take your sexuality to the next level and let yourself be surprised by all that your body has to offer.

Andrés Suro

Author: Andrés Suro  (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Psychologist specialized in the social area and expert in sexology applied to education.