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Did you know that men have something similar to a G-spot ? It is called the P-spot and is located in the rectum where you can access the prostate internally in an area that is particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation and arousal.

This may not be new for many men. But what if I told you this is not the only part of the body capable of generating these pleasurable sensations? Yes, it is true, so pay attention to what we are going to tell you about them.

What are pleasure points?

The pleasure points  are parts of the body that have a special sexual awakening  when stimulated.

It is true that there are parts of the body that tend to be more sensitive than others due to the number of nerve endings. Although there is a physiological component, we cannot ignore. Our mind plays an important role determining whether these pleasure points “activate or deactivate”. In fact, many of these parts are only “awakened” when doing other type of sex instead of penetration.

So, are there universal erogenous zones for all men? Can we classify them? How can we stimulate them? We have the answers.

Types of erogenous zones and how to stimulate them

Well, let’s be honest: there are erogenous points that we know a lot better than others, we are aware of that. They are classified in two types, primary points , the most “popular”, and secondary points , which are not so much explored. We will leave the most “unexplored” ones later… for the more adventurous ones.

Primary points

When we talk about primary points, we are refering zones that are  directly related to sexual activity , such as the genitals , and they are usually common to all men:

  • Penis : probably the most common erogenous point in men. It is full of nerve endings. The frenulum has the capacity to make us reach a particularly intense sensation . We can stimulate the penis however we want and the ways to play with the penis are almost infinite, surely you do not need more indications.
  • Scrotum : is the skin that protects the testicles. It goes without saying how sensitive this area is, such is the case that we can use it in our favor when it comes to sexual stimulation. In particular, the area in between, called the raphe, is extremely pleasurable. Many men feel aroused by the touch of the tongue and lips caressing this area. Due to the sensitivity of the zone, it is necessary to play with the sensations that are awakened , which can vary between tickling and pain.

Secondary points

These zones tend to have a great amount of potential to increase pleasure . Not all men will experience the same type of gratification. These points are very subjective and depend on the individual. In fact, although they are not considered “primary” points, some men reach orgasm through direct stimulation.

These erogenous zones can be explored individually or with a companion. But to make your life easier, we have some ideas for you to practice with in company . If you are interested in exploring a specific point, share these ideas with your partner.

  • Mouth and lips : one of the best known and most playful parts. Don’t be afraid to go beyond the well-known kisses. You can explore an ice cube in the mouth and thus stimulate the sense of touch, both by texture and temperature. This is just an idea of infinite possibilities.
  • Buttocks : touching or caressing this area is a real weakness for many men. Do gentle peripheral movements with your hands. These movements will become more and more intense and pleasureable as soon as the sexual tension starts to increase. Maybe it’s time to grab the buttocks firmly, in a way that conveys passion and desire. Are you ready to use your mouth on this intimate part of your body? Now that’s opening up to new experiences ….
  • Nipples : this is a particularly sensitive area with endless possibilities for stimulation . Some will feel very aroused by being caressed with fingers or lips. But if you like a more intense sensation, you may like to try light pinching and nibbling on the nipples!
  • Chest : not only the nipples are erogenous points. The chest itself is a large area that can be stimulated through multiple practices and techniques. Try to play with pressure and tension, with caresses or kisses and go from the upper part of the breast to the abdomen . A very intense arousal is created by repeating this back and forth. Although you can always add a plus if you try the same route with the tongue…
  • Neck and nape of the neck : try to go from absolute relaxation to uncontrollable excitement. The question is, how? If you are new to this, it is best that your partner begins caressing with the lips from the base of the ears to the collarbones and the Adam’s apple. If you feel more daring, you can try with your tongue. And if it’s still not enough, what if you try with those bites we mentioned above?
  • Ears : the earlobe is a particularly sensitive area. Perhaps the most interesting thing to know about this area is not what you can do, but what you should avoid . Abstain from blowing hard on the eardrum or sticking your tongue in sharply. The key is to be gentle in this part of the body, the rest comes out by itself.

Other erogenous zones

Maybe these are not as well known as the ones we have mentioned, but that does not mean that they are less exciting . Surely some of them will make you enjoy your encounters much more:

  • Thighs : they are also a pleasurable body part and arousal increases as we get closer to the genital area, especially on the inner side. Experiment going from the lower area to the part closest to the genitals, to build up the sexual tension to its maximum. It is up to you whatever you use to stimulate this zone…
  • Navel : we refer to the area between the navel and the genitals, more than the navel itself. This path of the abdomen can increase sexual tension when it is stimulated. If you have read the chest proposal, well this is the “continuation” . The sexual tension is very high if we move across this area with the lips, due to the blood flow in this region. Mental note: do not forget the hip bones, the sensations will not leave you indifferent.
  • Back: is a wide enough area to let our imagination run wild and give free rein to certain sexual fantasies indeed. We have already talked about the possibility of incorporating ice, but what about erotic candles? The sensitivity of the back is particularly good to start experimenting with temperature contrasts that will provoke all kinds of sensations.
  • Hands : yes, the palm, the back and the fingers are areas that can arouse excitement. To awaken new sensations, you can use feathers, different fabrics (such as silk), or resort to the lips and tongue.
  • Eyelids : this is a very sensitive part of the body due to the numerous nerves that converge here. This area can be stimulated with our eyes closed by circular caresses and soft kisses .
  • Knees : actually the most erogenous part is the back (hamstring), which can cause pleasant tickling. Play with different pressures, it all depends on how it is stimulated: hands, lips, tongue…
  • Armpits : has a great erotic potential, especially the lower part close to the chest. The curves and folds have a special sensitivity. The excitement that can be generated in this area is very high. Once again, eroticism lies in being able to awaken a pleasant sensation in a region that can tickle us.

“Prohibited” areas

It goes without saying that there are no forbidden areas on the body . But it is true that the erogenous points that we are going to discuss below are especially controversial because of their location and the negative burden, since they have been linked from ancient times to taboos and stigmas , but we know it is time to eliminate and overcome them . Here’s why:

  • Perineum (the L-spot) : it is located on the superficial side of the pubococcygeus muscle, that is, the part of the body that goes from the scrotum to the anus . It can give us a lot of pleasure when stimulated because of its nerve endings, which is why it is called the L-spot . In fact, it is an area intimately linked to ejaculation and the intensity felt during orgasm , since it stimulates the male prostate externally. This stimulation generates a more progressive arousal than the one we feel with the penis, but it also reaches “deeper” intensities.

    If you are a beginner, try massaging with the index and middle fingers in circular movements . The intensity of the massage is up to you. We can go harder (or lower) depending on how we feel.

  • Anus (P-spot) : the anal walls are very sensitive, even the outermost part. Therefore, one way to increase libido is the stimulation of this area. Do not be afraid to try , it is a safe and quite possibly pleasurable practice if done with proper hygiene measures. Even to repeat.

    This is where the famous P-spot comes into play, located inside the anus. This spot is connected to the prostate nerves on its anterior side. It is necessary to insert a finger (for example) to reach it, and apply a slight pressure in the form of a hook on this wall. Then, you can exert small pressures and pleasant movements , although it is normal to feel some discomfort if it is your first time. Do not hesitate to take your time.

    On the other hand, the stimulation of the P-spot not only brings benefits in sexual satisfaction, it is also worth mentioning  its importance in reducing the risk of prostate cancer . There are studies that proves that stimulation of the P-spot is a preventive method for this type of cancer.

What if we combine the erogenous zones? The sensations of these spots can awaken are indescribable . We can stimulate more than one of these points at the same time, for example, massaging the earlobes while we stroke the nipples.

What about trying stimulating the P-spot and masturbating at the same time? This can be especially helpful at first, when you are not yet familiar with the sensations of anal touch.

The importance of stimulation through caresses

You already know the different spots and suggestions on how to stimulate them, but although there are key “zones” of pleasure, we don’t want you to lose sight of the power of caresses .

We must keep in mind that there are many ways of stimulation . Caresses are, therefore, a form of affection , intimacy , support  and, of course, eroticism .

Incorporating caresses into encounters is essential to explore and get to know our preferences or limits, and to set challenges such as what new practices could be tried. Through caresses, discovering these horizons becomes a whole new experience.

What physical element is usually present from beginning to end? Yes, caresses are usually part of the whole erotic process during sexual encounters in most couples. They are the awakening of desire and the farewell at the end most of the time. Therefore, caresses are as much a part of your sexuality, or more, than penetration.


Our body is a great map that hides authentic treasures of eroticism. And the good thing is that we can discover them alone or with other people . We know that certain areas we have mentioned are pleasurable in themselves, some may feel rejection and others we will want to visit again and again. Maybe it’s also time to add playfulness to your practices, playfulness or even, pain , although we’ll talk about that in detail in another article. In other words, the possibilities are endless. Always remember that you set the limit! 

Andrés Suro

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