5 Tips to last longer in bed without Pills

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Tips on how to last longer in bed without pills  are always welcome, mainly because these natural remedies will not expose us to side effects of the over the counter “treatments”. Learning how to last longer in bed has a direct positive impact on your self-confidence. Keep reading to discover these natural methods.

Control your time in bed – How to last longer in bed naturally

The very first thing to acknowledge is that sex is much more than just penetration . For many centuries, sex has been looked upon as a tool of procreation to fertilize an egg during intercose. Probably, that one is the most conventional thought, an idea settled centuries ago. Fortunately, time evolves and it has been shown that sex has other purposes equally important as it is pleasure, autoexploration, heatlh benefits, connection, and other.

What does it really mean to last long?

Lasting longer has been associated with the need to prove something. This idea has been taught through generations unconsciously. We tend to think that sex is a competition, a place to show dominance, desirability, a way to prove our masculinity. But this is far from reality. 

Lasting longer in bed really means  that we have the opportunity to get to know ourselves better, experience more time of pleasure and new sensations with other people like intimacy and connection. Lasting longer helps us experiment with our sexuality the way we want to without any time limitation. 

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Things that affect the ability to last longer

Before getting into the natural remedies to last longer in bed without pills, it’s precise saying that the best techniques don’t require excessive physical efforts nor exorbitant money spending. Most of them consist of mental training.Therefore, reliance on yourself, consistency, and patience will be our main tools to work on this aspect.

On this basis, we have created a list of  tips to last longer in bed naturally:

1. Enjoy foreplay 

Foreplay has been known as the appetizer of sex. We have believed that the preludes are not sex, but they are. Intercorse may be or not be part of the sexual encounter. For this reason, we should  learn to enjoy every part of the sexual encounter and surrender to the sensations. Foreplay has the potential to increase our sexual desire, as well as  an opportunity to please our partner. Enjoying foreplay will have a natural effect of sexual satisfaction by having more sexual pleasure in the longer-term. This type of sex  will help you take off the mental pressure of having to last in bed and focus on pleasure.


As we have mentioned, foreplay can be the best alternative to develop creativity. For example, you can alternate typical foreplay games with conventional sex. This can be especially useful when you feel you are approaching the ejaculation phase. Once you feel you are close to climax, slowing down might be a good strategy; it could help you gain control of the situation. If you do this, you don't need to just stay there waiting for the pressure you feel to subside. Instead, continue touching, kissing, enjoying oral sex, and experimenting with the other person's body to feel the moment. 

 2. Healthy diet 

 Having a healthy diet could help a proper functioning of the nervous system . This means the body will react to external stimuli better leading to a sexual response. As a matter of fact, it has been proven that  food has the power to “wake up” our sexual desire through specific nutrients and supplements. On the other hand, maintaining a balanced diet will benefit our immunologic system giving us the energy to last longer in bed.

 3. MYHIXEL method - Last longer in bed naturally) 

One of the most effective tips to last longer in bed without pills is MYHIXEL Control. This is cognitive-behavioral therapy created by MYHIXEL. The MYHIXEL Control solution “it's designed for men who ejaculate under three minutes  during penetrative sexual intercourse or for men who want to enjoy more sex by gaining ejaculation control”. This method contains a pleasure device that simulates a penetration climate, allowing you to train and improve your stamina. Besides that it combines this device with specific activities, you’ll be guided by MYHIXEL Play app. This altogether makes a great set for getting the desired results by controlling the ejaculation.

4. Exercises to last longer in bed 

Another option is to improve the pelvic muscles. In order to do this, there are some physical exercises to perform. One of these consists of lifting “weight” with your penis. For example, using a towel hanging from the tip of the penis when erected and repeating the movement to lift it up. To add more weight, we can soak the towel with water. Also, plank exercises can strengthen resistance.

 5. Condoms and lotions 

Talking about tips to last longer, without taking pills, can include condoms specially fabricated to delay ejaculation. The downside is that these methods work by numbing the sensitivity of the penis. When using them, feelings and sensation will decrease but this numbing will help to last longer in bed.

Get control of your sensations 

To sum up, the main factor to work when trying to improve sexual performance is to get control of your sensations and change preconceived ideas to a new standard. Everything we have been taught leads us to a conventional way of having sex, it needs to be changed. Sexual plenitude can be reached in any way as long as we can imagine, we just need to dare and be creative. Go ahead and live your sexual life the way you’ve always wanted! Sometimes, fantasies can become reality (if you try).

Andrés Suro

Author: Andrés Suro  (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Psychologist specialized in the social area and expert in sexology applied to education.