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MYHIXEL is a brand specializing in male sexual health. The idea originated after Patricia López Trabajo, the current CEO and founder of the company, spent several years working for a leading brand in the erotic sector. There, she noticed a lack of offerings aimed at improving male sexual well-being and decided to embark on this venture.

Thus, MYHIXEL was founded, a company that offers medically and scientifically proven solutions for male sexual well-being. Our main mission is to help men, and their partners, feel more satisfied and happy with their sexual lives.

What is MYHIXEL?

At  MYHIXEL , we aim to improve male sexual well-being and health in a natural and fun way... but how?

We want to help men reach the next level of pleasure through ejaculatory control. For this, we create natural solutions with the help of renowned professionals in sexology, medicine, and technological innovation.

Our main solution is based on a method, which we have named the  MYHIXEL Method ; below, we will explain how it works.

How does the MYHIXEL Method work?

The MYHIXEL Method is based on pioneering research at the international level, led by recognized professionals in sexology, medicine, and technological innovation, but how does MYHIXEL work?

It relies on behavioral therapy which, to make it more fun and accessible, has been gamified and is presented in an APP. This APP, in turn, is accompanied by a pleasure device that aids masturbation. All together, it provides an optimal experience for learning about ejaculatory control. Additionally, at MYHIXEL, different solutions have been created based on this method, to adapt to the needs of each man.

What is behavioral therapy?

It's a fancy word for activities related to masturbation. Before thinking about pharmaceutical treatments (pills or sprays), the most important thing is to learn how to calm our bodies and relax our muscles during sex. This is what is taught in the therapy.

The goal of this behavioral therapy is to improve male sexual life and pleasure through ejaculatory control. Therefore, the MYHIXEL method is not only focused on premature ejaculation, although it is a less costly method than traditional therapy; it aims to help all men equally, whether they have  premature ejaculation  or not, to improve their life and sexual health through ejaculatory control.

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MYHIXEL Solutions

Since the 1970s, therapists have used masturbation exercises such as the Stop-Start or Squeeze method to improve ejaculatory control.

Thanks to technological and scientific innovation, at  MYHIXEL  we have combined the underlying methods of these traditional techniques, with a device that realistically replicates the level of stimulation of penetration. In some cases, the design of the device causes even more intense physical stimuli than real-life penetration.


MYHIXEL Control  is a natural solution, without side effects, and clinically proven. It has been created to help men control and prolong their ejaculation, improving their sexual health, and allowing them to enjoy more of their intimate moments and sexual relationships.

If you want to know everything about MYHIXEL Control, you can consult all the information in this video:  

Of course, MYHIXEL is not a magic bullet that will solve all cases of premature ejaculation. Some types of premature ejaculation have physical and neurobiological roots, as we discuss in our  article on premature ejaculation . Sometimes, these cannot be fixed just with these activities. Nevertheless, although some men will benefit more than others, on average, those who have used MYHIXEL last about 7 times longer at the end of the program. This is comparable to the effect of professional sexual therapy, for a fraction of the cost.


The pleasure device MYHIXEL II is a male masturbator that appears similar to what can be found in any sex shop. However, it is designed by scientists, sexologists, and using the greatest technological innovation, specifically to help men last longer.

By itself, the device is similar to a high-end male masturbator. To be more precise, a vibrating masturbator with auto-heating. In addition to a silicone sleeve that is anatomically realistic (called a sleeve) mimicking the sensation of real penetration, this device also incorporates a vibrator that can increase the level of stimulation during some activities.

MYHIXEL II is the first pleasure device based on technology and science.

  •  Gentle, therapeutic vibration : A unique system of gentle, continuous, and therapeutic vibration designed to help control ejaculation. Its use in certain activities increases the level of difficulty, fostering learning.

  •  Auto-heating function : It features an internal heating system, to offer a more realistic sensation of penetration.

  •  Anatomically realistic : The interior of the device includes a hypoallergenic, anatomically realistic silicone sleeve (called a sleeve) mimicking the sensation of real penetration.

  •  Adjustable top cap : Allows you to modify the suction level of the device as desired.

  •  Scientifically proven : The device is safe and scientifically tested. Moreover, it has CE marking as a medical product.

However, the MYHIXEL II is not just a pleasure device that aims to replicate the experience of real penetration. It is also a medical device. It is designed to be used in behavioral therapy. With all its features, MYHIXEL II can modulate the level of stimulation. The principle of behavioral treatment for premature ejaculation is to gradually increase the level of stimulation. For this reason, it is necessary to acclimate the body to different levels of stimulus while maintaining some control over ejaculation with the help of the device. Here is where the mobile application will guide you.

The MYHIXEL Play Application

An app that is completely anonymized and designed by sexologists. The app gamifies traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy. Depending on the solution chosen, the program will have different activities to adapt to the user's needs.

It is based on an eight-level program where the difficulty increases as you progress. When starting the program, the app will show how the device works. After this, it will ask some questions about your current level of ejaculatory control. This will allow the program to tailor the exercises to the user's specific situation, to achieve the greatest optimization of the program.

Each level incorporates different exercises that the user must complete to unlock the next level. After the exercises, you will have to enter a series of parameters to track your progress and for the app to adapt to your learning.

Other products available on

For maximum optimization of the solutions, at MYHIXEL we have developed other products and accessories to improve and complete the experience:

  •  MYHIXEL MAX: A 100% natural supplement with no side effects, that accompanies the MYHIXEL MED and MYHIXEL TR solutions to optimize results. It is made from natural plants whose properties, combined with each other, form the perfect composition for controlling ejaculation, controlling pre-intercourse anxiety thanks to the natural regulation of serotonin.

  •  HANDS-FREE  : This adjustable accessory with suction allows you to securely attach your MYHIXEL II device to a smooth surface. Designed specifically so you can replicate the movements and sensations of a sexual relationship when using your MYHIXEL II.

  •  MYHIXEL CLEANER   80ml: An antibacterial cleaning spray free from alcohol. Specially designed for the best care of your MYHIXEL products.

  •  ANATOMICAL SLEEVE  : To complete your device, this sleeve features an anatomical design with high-quality materials, with which you will experience the most realistic sensation of penetration on the market and greater sexual pleasure.

Science Behind MYHIXEL

Since 2018, MYHIXEL has invested more than €50,000 in medical research to ensure the effectiveness and reliability of our products. Our solutions are the result of research on ejaculatory control carried out in cooperation with the  Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH)  and the  Murcian Institute of Sexology.

These research efforts, along with scientific innovation, allow the development of programs like MYHIXEL Play that enable men, and their partners, to enjoy more in their relationships. And the creation, by doctors and engineers, of devices like MYHIXEL II, which thanks to its anatomically real design, guarantee the best possible experience.

Along with this, MYHIXEL has a professional team trained in sexology and medicine that can attend to any user online during their experience, as well as address any sexual concerns or doubts. All this in a totally discreet and confidential manner.

Learn more about the studies that support MYHIXEL's solutions here.

Some Questions and Answers about MYHIXEL

  •  Can I trust the effectiveness of MYHIXEL? Has it been tested?  The MYHIXEL methodology has been developed from research work carried out by our sexological team in collaboration with the Miguel Hernández University of Elche (UMH) and the Murcian Institute of Sexology (ISM). The results obtained with more than 500 patients support its effectiveness.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • What makes MYHIXEL different from other treatments? MYHIXEL has been scientifically proven. It offers the most innovative program in the field of ejaculatory control without using drugs, without losing sensitivity, or any other side effects.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • Why is the MYHIXEL II device so innovative? MYHIXEL II is an advanced device, equipped with an auto-heating system that allows it to reach body temperature and a specific vibration, configured by our team of sexologists, to optimize the result of the program activities.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • Will I enjoy the treatment? Of course, all activities are aimed at acquiring control of ejaculation while feeling pleasure. One of the objectives of the MYHIXEL method is that you improve your sexual abilities while enjoying, whether alone or with a partner.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • How much time should I dedicate to MYHIXEL? What is the duration of the program? It depends on the number of activities you perform during the week and the success in each of them. For example, for a frequency of between 2 or 3 times per week, which is the most recommended, the duration of the complete treatment is estimated to be between 7 and 12 weeks.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • Is it necessary to use the MYHIXEL II device to follow the MYHIXEL method? The MYHIXEL method is designed and tested with the MYHIXEL II device. Indeed, it has been specifically designed to replicate the sensations of real penetration, in order to obtain the best possible results. We cannot guarantee the effectiveness of the methodology if other masturbators or techniques are used.  You can find more information on the official MYHIXEL website.

  • How long will it take to receive my MYHIXEL pack? The time to receive the discreet package with your MYHIXEL pack is between 2 and 3 days for national shipments (Spain) and between 5 and 7 days for international shipments. If you have more questions about shipments,  you can check our FAQs here.

  • How can I get all the information about ejaculation control? With our ebook " The Keys to Male Climax " you can delve 100% into this world and become an advanced student on
     ejaculation and orgasm.

If you have more questions or concerns, you can obtain more information on the  website and contact the support team at any time.

Andrés Suro

Author: Andrés Suro  (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Psychologist specialized in the social area and expert in sexology applied to education.